AC/DC TIG Welding – The Benefits

With a number of welding techniques serving many purposes, it can be easy to become confused by which method to use. Luckily, here at Metal Fusion Technology, we pride ourselves on being specialists in sheet metal fabrication and welding in Redditch, West Bromwich and the surrounding Birmingham areas.

Experienced Engineers

With combined experience of 25 years, you can trust our highly qualified engineers to provide a quick, effective and efficient solution to any requirement. Whether you're in need of stainless steel fabrication, certified welding or responsive tool repair, then look no further.

Our all-round service means that we are able to tailor our work to your needs and our helpful technicians are always available to offer impartial and honest advice. Using the latest in portable AC/DC TIG welding equipment, we are able to carry out work on our promises or travel to you if more convenient.

But what exactly is AC/DC TIG Welding?

Tungsten Inert Gas welding is a type of welding in which heat is generated from electricity passing from a tungsten metal electrode to the metal surface you are welding. Used to weld aluminium, copper and titanium as well as two dissimilar metals, the process is best used when dealing with tricky corners or curves.

With its intricate manoeuvrability, TIG welding is a great tool when the join is going to be visible and where accuracy is and finish is of importance. As the heat is often controlled by a foot pedal, you are able to heat up and cool down the weld puddle cause allowing precise control over the cosmetic aesthetics

AC/DC refers to the type of electrical current. Alternative Current tends to be used for efficient transmission of energy whereas Direct Current is used when electricity needs transferring over a larger distance.

TIG welding produces no spark or splatter when conjoined with the filler rod and also release no smoke or fumes, meaning the surface remains dirt and contaminate free.

The skill of achieving a successful TIG weld is by combing all of the mechanical techniques in one efficient and fluid motion. This patient and practised skill has been honed by our engineers ensuring visually and structurally sound.

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