Tool Repair in Birmingham

When your tools become damaged or corroded, you may think that only solution is to replace them with brand new ones. But, at Metal Fusion Technology Ltd, we offer tool repairs on all tools containing mould materials, including aluminium and steels.

We understand that broken tools can result in a loss of production time, causing delays on jobs and costing your business money. That’s why we offer rapid response tool repair services, and we can turn around repairs in just 24 hours, allowing you to get on with your work again as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to assess your tools and provide a quick quote for a repair or restoration absolutely free of charge, with no obligation for you to take up our service.

Our Expert Tool Repair Services also cover West Bromwich

Our skilled, experienced team will be happy to carry out work on your tools at your own premises, or at our purpose-built workshop if you prefer. Using our state-of-the art 200 amp AC/DC TIG welding plant, we can remove dents and blemishes, fill cracks and provide re profiling on both mould and press tools. Machining and finishing is also available if required, ensuring that the tools are of the highest quality and that the mould life is extended for as long as possible.

Our expert tool repairs can help get your business out of a tight spot fast, improving productivity and cutting down on wasted time. If you’d like to find out more about the full range of tool repairs available in Birmingham and West Bromwich from Metal Fusion Technology Ltd, get in touch with one of the team today. Call 0121 5445356 or contact us online for your free quote.