How Does Steel Fabrication Work?

Steel is an alloy that is made out of iron and many other metals. Besides iron, it also contains carbon, minute amounts of sulphur, silicon, oxygen and phosphorus. The amount of carbon in steel should be less than two percent; manganese, another metal used in the process, should be less than a percent. Today, steel is cut, bent and shaped into different products, from household appliances and fixtures to automobile components and more.

The process of bending, cutting and shaping steel is referred to as steel fabrication. The first process to smelt steel was invented in 1856 by a British inventor called Henry Bessemer. Over the years, the steel fabrication process has evolved and become far more effective yet despite all the enhancements, it is a process that still requires skill and technique to use the raw materials and transform them into the required end result. It is an extremely precise task that does not have room for error.

Process of Steel Fabrication

There are two basic methods of steel fabrication. The first method is known as the integration method, wherein the raw materials are heated up until they melt and are then mixed together. Most of the steel fabricated today is made using this method.

The second method, known as the electric arc furnace method, is used with recycle steel. This is a quick and easy method of fabricating steel whereby recycled steel is introduced into a furnace and melted. The melted steel is then set, cut, bent and shaped into the desired product.

Regardless of the method, steel fabrication is a difficult and tough task to execute. There are more than three thousand types of steel and each type has its own chemical and physical properties.

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