The Science Behind Welding and Fabrication

Welding and fabrication are arts long associated with the Industrial era. From the innovative age where machine overcame man in the race to mass production, many different techniques, procedures and inventions were devised, redesigned and industrialised to form the building blocks of many of today's engineering methods.

One of the most important to be discovered was the ability to join metal in the form of welding and metal fabrication.

Here at Metal Fusion Technology, we have made it our priority provide the most efficient, reliable and safe methods in metal fabrication and welding in Redditch, West Bromwich and the surrounding Birmingham area. With an abundance of experience, our highly qualified and skilled engineers are able to perform the most complex of procedures.

From high-grade fabrication to tool repairs, we have an array of resources including the latest 200amp AC/DC TIG welding plant with 240v supply. This extensive and innovative range of technology means that we can provide a quick and effective repair or fabrication to suit your requirements. Not only that, but we can carry out the work on your premises should it be desired so that your production is not hindered.

But how does it all work?


Simply, this is the process of bonding two metals together. There are however, numerous types of welding available and methods used that are specific to certain metals.

What essentially happens is, through the application of heat, the conjoining metals melt and then cool under extreme temperatures, often using a 'filler metal' to act as a binding agent. Other methods use a combination of heat and pressure in order to fuse the two corresponding joints.

What makes welding so effective is the strong cohesive bond it forms by joining the metal directly rather than through a third material with a lower melting point (used in soldering and brazing).


As humans discovered that by heating metals you can then mould and forge them into useful tools and stronger materials, fabrication was born.

As the industrial era steamrolled forward, so did the fabrication techniques and even now, there are new ways of shaping and moulding metals such as plasma laser cutting and computer aided robotics allowing astonishing accuracy

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